Bible Study

“We read Scripture, not as isolated individuals, but as members of the Church.  Our ‘Scriptural mind’ is to be at the same time an ‘ecclesial mind.’  The Bible is the book of the Church, and so our decisive criterion when seeking to understand Scripture is always  the mind of the Church.  But how are we to discover this ‘mind’?  There is only one way:  by observing how Scripture is used in worship, and how it is interpreted by the Fathers.  Our approach to the Bible is both Liturgical and Patristic .” Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia.
Beginning in September, there will be a weekly one-hour bible study offered to the faithful of our community.  We encourage those who are able to come for this hour (bring your lunch if it will be your lunch break) to learn more about the Word of God. 

We will begin with the Gospel according to John.  We ask that you bring a bible with you for the study.