Welcome and thank you for worshiping with us. 

How Do We Abide in Jesus? We abide in Him when we follow His example and love, serve and support the Church which is His Body. When we abide in Jesus, we express this through generosity and devotion, especially in our stewardship and acts of personal generosity. Bearing fruit in the world is the visible result of our abiding in Christ. 

Whether you were married here or have had your children baptized in this parish; If you relocated because of work; Happened to come to St. Nicholas one Sunday and felt like you were home; This is the goal of our Parish…to grow closer to Christ through the Mysteries and as one of our family members said at the Stewardship Brunch to “always have a great memorable experience every time we step on the premises!”




Your support & generosity makes all the difference!


2024 Stewardship Form