The purpose of this parish ministry is to allow the children and youth of our community to grow on the very foundation of our Orthodox faith.  This program is a solid foundation that provides exemplary lessons in the teaching and worship practices of the Greek Orthodox Christian faith.

Church School Directors: Maria Decoulos & Judy Gray

The St. Nicholas Church School has a dependable volunteer staff who
because of their personal commitment and love for Christ and His Church,
serve as His directors and teachers.
1. To encourage all students from toddler age to seniors in high school to participate in our Church School program;
2. To make our Church School spiritually enriching for its students and to establish a stable Christian educational environment;
3. To provide and present well-rounded and theological-based lessons, taken from the curriculum of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
( focusing on scripture, sacramental/liturgical worship and practice, prayer, and basic Christian awareness;
4. To learn how to work together as a Christian family and working with others in our every day life;
5. To encourage the practice of love and respect for all who come in contact with them;
6. To provide the opportunity to learn about and practice true Christian

Important Information
  * All classes begin at 9:30 am with the Divine Liturgy.  Students are encouraged to sit either with their family or with their fellow classmates in the front pews.
  * At the time of Holy Communion, the Church School staff and the students come first to receive in order for them to proceed to their classes.  In the hall, the children take a small snack and then are directed to the classroom area that is located downstairs.
  * Children are provided with textbooks, handouts and other important resources which inspire Christian learning.  The curriculum used by our Church School is taken from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (
  * Information and updates from teachers may also be found on Facebook: St. Nicholas GOC Lexington, MA.
  * All children, whether belonging to St. Nicholas or visiting for the day, are invited to join the Church School classes.
*Please Note: Parents of Young Children*      
  * Parents with children in Grade 2 and under are requested to pick up their child each Sunday from the classroom upon completion of lessons.