Common Questions…Direct Answers

 What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is what YOU do after you say “I believe in God.”  It is your commitment of time, talent and treasure.

Why the Stewardship Program?

The responsibility of church support belongs in the hands of each family member.  Stewardship is a matter of personal commitment and conscience.

Who is included in my family Stewardship commitment?

A pledging family includes husband, wife, and children under 18, or attending college and not self-supporting.

What about single working adults?

Each working, self-supporting adult over 18 should make his/her own commitment.

How do I become a pledged steward?

By simply filling out the Commitment and Family Information Form.

How shall I pay my commitment to my Church?

In the manner that suits you best. Payments toward a pledge can be made on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. We have added the electronic option. Your contribution can be automatically drafted from which ever account you prefer.

Is there a specific minimum/maximum amount required?

No, there is no mandatory minimum or maximum but, rather the expectation is that you will set aside an honest and fair portion of your income for the ministries and support of the Church. We encourage you to consider these two examples:

1. Increase your stewardship by 2%

2. Commit to giving $2.85 a day to help our parish thrive.

When should I fulfill my Stewardship pledge?

Stewardship occurs on a calendar year basis, starting January 1st.  The sooner you can fulfill your pledge the more sustainable our ministries/programs will be.

Will my pledge amount be confidential?

Yes. All pledge amounts are kept in the strictest confidence. The names of all pledged stewards will be listed in the Church hall and will be published in the monthly newsletter.

What happens if I need to revise my commitment?

Your commitment is not a legal obligation and you can change your commitment according to your changing financial situation by advising the Stewardship chairperson.



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